Wednesday, December 1

dear waston...

huge, relenting sighs from us at oh mon dieu. as we create this particular post. there is nothing more frustrating then loving a celebrity's style when you really do not love said celeb. especially their new boy hair cut that, in our opinion, just does not work for them. however, we are going to overlook that to bring you emma watson. french vogue are plastering her on their updates and so, what french vogue says and does we listen and follow. her outfits are impeccable and whether or not she puts them together herself or pays someone a hefty sum to do so for her, she pulls them off terribly tastefully. she manages to take quite grown up looks and make them work for her age. note how she shows off one feature body part (mainly legs) and demurely covers the rest. her use of feature pieces is also commendable. the gold burberry with black belt and black jacket, and how she wears the same burberry 'bespoke' trench and creates two different looks. malheureusement tres chic.

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