Sunday, November 21

like it or love it.

when does something that catches your eye become something you simply must have? at what point do we decide that like is in fact love and we hand over our precious coinage (notes.. oh for notes..) to satisfy our need for that particular item?

in the dressing rooms of witchery on a recent shopping trip, it become glaringly obvious that we were about to purchase jeans that really weren't the be all and end all of our summer wardrobes. and then it became so clear, as it has before of course, but this time it seemed almost like an epiphany. unless you absolutely love an item of clothing or particular accessory, unless you can not go another day not wearing them, unless you know, without a doubt, that you will wear it and use it constantly, and feel confident and amazing in it, hence rendering it priceless, should you buy it.

some simple, easy rules/tips for shopping and purchasing:

a. check the colour in comparison to your complexion. this a big one as some shades just do not work on certain skin tones or with certain hair colours.

b. fit is very important, obviously. don't delude yourself into thinking that something that is either too big or too small could work. walk away. now. if something is too small, it is going to pull, be too tight and make you look larger. to the same effect, don't buy something too big thinking that the extra material will hide sins. it adds weight on and makes you look bigger than what you actually are. you want an item of clothing to fall or cling in the right places. if in doubt, take a friend or ask the styling assistants. most are dying to lend a hand (that's what they're paid for), and you will be able to tell if they're lying just to get a sale. you're not gullible, you're terribly smart and will see through them immediately. feel a little smug and chuffed over knowing when they are and don't buy it on principle - unless it looks smashing.

c. denim is a tricky but important one. if you're pear shaped and are heavier on bottom, then light wash denim is usually a no go. this is not a rule - just a tip. if you have this body shape, don't stick to the conclusion that skinny leg will not suit. if you can balance your hip and bottom with what you wear on top, buy your terrific skinnies and add fabulous heels or uber accessories. if you're problem is your middle and you hate wearing jeans because they suck in around your stomach, stick to higher waisted options that will hold you in instead. lower waisted jeans will just make anything stick our over the top of the band. make sure they fit your bottom nicely and show off the the shape of your legs instead. if you're top heavy then try to avoid wearing jeans that are very, very skinny, as it will only accentuate anything bigger on top. try a slim or boot cut in a fashion wash. add a terrific belt and wear a darker colour on top to slim your upper body.
check where the denim has gaps and clings. look at yourself and see the positive but don't discard areas that you're sensitive about.
the important thing about denim is that it is, as a general rule, not your feature. they are there to show off something else, a fabuluos top or pair of shoes. demin (whether it be jeans or skirt) is your go to. if they are a fashion jean then work with washes that suit your shape.

d. if you're going to purchase something glitzy and fab, decide if you can or will wear it again, to a not so flashy occasion. and do it. dressing up shouldn't be secluded events. grab a coffee and wear that terrific sequin top with jeans and flats. feel amazing in it, not self conscious. if you know you won't wear it again, add it to the maybe pile (depending on the occasion) and shop around. a do is definitely get something glam for pick me up's that you couldn't leave the shop without and that everyone nearly cried at when they saw you trying it on. this is a pretty good sign you look amazing.

e. shop outside your comfort zone. if you see something you would never, ever have tried on before - do it. you might be pleasantly suprised. be open to trying new things. refer to tip/rule d though. don't get swept up by adventurous, cleavage, stomach showing off items that seem like a good idea in the fitting room mirrors and with champagne lunch drunk friends.

... we could go on forever. there are so many do's and don't's of buying. probably the biggest indicator is that, in Whitney's words, if you felt like a million dollar bill and cried when you arrived home without it, then you under shopped. this is a travesty. a definite don't.

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